U.S. Coast Guard Aux

I have served as a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist since 2003. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Leadership roles:

Current (2013) - District Directorate Chief - Logistics/Member Services
I work with a dedicated team of District Staff Officers and Assistant District Staff Officers to support the 1,600 members of District 13. The Directorate includes:

  • Human Resources (membership, retention, mentoring)
  • Information Services (our member database and activity tracking)
  • Communications Services (websites and collaboration tools)
  • Materials (Recreational Boating Safety literature, unit equipment, our District Store/uniform items, facility items, and personal protective equipment)
  • Publications (traditional print newsletters and online)
  • Secretary/Records (minutes, unit files)

We work with, and support, the ten Division Staff Officers and 50 Flotilla Staff Officers in each of these areas. I concurrently serve as a Flotilla Staff Officer in two of these areas - Human Resources and Communications Services.

As DDC I serve as an ex-officio member of the District Executive Committee.

2012 - District Captain (South) 13th Coast Guard District

As District Captain I led the ~680 Auxiliary members in Oregon and Southwest Washington. I serve as a member of the District 13 Auxiliary Executive Committee, coordinate with our local Coast Guard Sector (Sector Columbia River) and local Coast Guard units. Our members operate over 60 surface facilities and aircraft in support of Coast Guard missions.

2010-2011 - Division Commander, Division 7, 13th Coast Guard District

Two items, by far, are my proudest accomplishment as DCDR7.
  • The increase in mission performance in Recreational Boating Safety (RBS).
  • The focus on proficiency and safety as well as the record of safety for our membership. As a Division we developed an ongoing conversation around these topics and challenged each other to be safe and proficient.
These two areas were the continual focus in my communication with members. As I describe the outcomes it is always important to remember the members and their Flotilla leadership did the work. I was also building on a strong foundation established by my predecessors. I'm particularly proud that this level of mission accomplishment was based on activity rising strongly in multiple Flotillas. There are always stand-out members and Flotillas but the true mark of success is a rising tide across the board. The Division and some Flotillas were among the top RBS producers in the country both in total numbers and in execution per member.

The following figures are from AUXINFO.

  • 2,151 Public Education graduates in 2010-11 vs. 291 in the 2008-2009 period. Division 7 graduated 32% of all D13 PE students in this period. This was an increase in both traditional classes and school outreach. Almost 800 people graduated About Boating Safely, our 8 hour course, in the two year period.
  • 2,421 Program Visits in 2010-11 vs. 548 in the  2008-2009 period. Division 7 was responsible for 17% of of all D13 PVs in this period. 
  • 4,999 Vessel exams in 2010+-11 vs. 3,391 in the  2008-2009 period. Division 7 was responsible for 36% of of all D13 VEs in this period. 
  • Three members in 2010 and six in 2011 earned the RBS Device (of 20 in the District)
  • Div 7 continued to lead in surface operations, participate heavily in Air Ops and Communications
  • Div 7 provided significant on-the-water, in-the-air, ramp, ICS and logistics support to the successful response to the Davy Crocket incident
  • Div 7 conducted two successful Rose Festival operations and I began working to involve Division 6 in the operation

There were some individual actions I took to facilitate the work of the Division:

1) I established the Division7.org blog to communicate with members while respecting the chain of leadership. I personally published over 160 articles and, with contributions from my shipmates, we published over 180 articles in the two year period. Topics ranged from watch keeping opportunities, to news, to discussions about our values. Average page-views (pages viewed by readers) averaged 2,500 per month and we peaked at 5,300 page views per month and to date we've seen over 56,000 page views.

2) We began managing non-operational watch keeping like PA and Make Way ramp days with an online scheduling process significantly simplifying scheduling for members and promoting participation.

3) I began using video to communicate with the membership. In two years I produced 38 member videos discussing news, uniforms, safety, proficiency, opportunities to serve, etc.

4) Believing in the power of management by walking around and the power of showing up in person, I took advantage of the close proximity of our Flotillas to visit meetings and field activities continually. Some Saturdays I would manage to visit with 4-5 different groups of Div7 Auxiliarists working in the field.

2008-2009 - Flotilla Commander, Flotilla 76, 13th Coast Guard District

2006-2007 - Flotilla Vice Commander, Flotilla 76, 13th Coast Guard District

2003-Present - Various staff roles at the Flotilla, Division, District & National levels

  • Information Systems/Communications Services (Flotilla, Division, National)
  • Public Affairs (National)
  • Human Resources (Flotilla)