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I have been blogging and creating social content professionally and personally since at least 2003.

Blogging for MessageLabs/Symantec 2006 - 2011: I helped launch the MessageLabs social media program and managed contributions from our threat experts. After the acquisition of MessageLabs by Symantec much of this effort transfered to posting on Symantec Connect and to our twitter account. - Project Presence: My latest project - taking lessons learned from my executive/internal communications professional experience and my Auxiliary leadership video experience to develop a toolkit for leaders of any organization to create compelling videos targeted at internal audiences.

Leadership videos for the Auxiliary 2008-Present: I started doing short Auxiliary videos in 2008. These started out as how-to videos end event documentation. In the 2010-2011 period I turned more towards discussing values, mission and proficiency on the blog. As a District Captain I don't have my own extensive staff officers and websites so I've used the videos even more to pass leadership messages to our members.

D13 News - April 2012 Spotlight on Leadership: Leadership Competencies

Blogging for the Auxiliary - 2010-2011 (primarily): I established the blog following my success with the blog. From the start this blog was intended primarily as a vehicle to communicate with my 250+ members while respecting the role of the Flotilla Commanders in my unit. Over two years I made 160+ posts and the blog hosted content from a number of my shipmates. To date the blog has had over 57,000 page views.

I turned the blog over to my successor upon completing my two terms. The blog has continued albeit at a lower rate of posting. Link to my blog posts (note: I no longer manage the design of this site)

Blogging for the Auxiliary - 2008-2009 (primarily): Initially conceived as a way to communicate to the boating public about recreational boating safety I quickly pivoted to using the blog to communicate with and motivate my Flotilla membership. Over two years I made 161 posts and the blog has had over 67,000 page views to date. Link to my blog posts (note: I no longer manage the design of this site)

Blogging for the Coast Guard - District 13 Pacific Northwest: Social media efforts in the Coast Guard started on a District by District basis. D13 led the way in social media and I assisted with written and video content from the Auxiliary perspective.
This blog is no longer active as Coast Guard social media was consolidated to a single site, the Coast Guard Compass blog, in 2010.

Blogging for the Coast Guard community - Prior to any official Coast Guard blogs the Unoffical Coast Guard blog was launched by Peter Stinson. I started blogging at in April of 2008 and was active for a year until my official USCG and USCG Auxiliary blogging efforts began to take precedence. was recently discontinued after six years and 4,700 posts.

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