Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Make8760: Let's try that again

Back in September I worked with my friends over at Cedar Mill Community Library to design a set of counter decals (original post).
First attempt
The first try: The library has a new RFID based materials management system. If patrons place materials over the RFID sensor pads located under the counter the materials checkout process is interrupted. I designed a decal set in Illustrator based on testing the active scan area of each RFID sensor pad. The yellow vinyl had the best contrast with the counter material. The line design has rounded corners on each element to prevent catching on materials as they are moved across the counter.
The initial decals helped a bit but didn't solve the problem. Patrons continued to place materials over the RFID sensor pad.

We are trying a new approach, adding a clearer set of icons and indicating to patrons where to place their materials:

New graphic indicators
Early evidence is that this approach helps but people still place materials in the area enclosed by the red outline. Any ideas?