Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make8760: An introduction

A few weeks ago I was thinking about all the things I design, edit, write, build, rebuild, print, cut, solder, photograph, video, edit, fasten, measure, paint...

All the things I make.

I make tangible things, digital creations, processes and methods.

I've been captivated by people who undertake projects over 365 days. A 365 day project does not work for me; my productivity isn't evenly spaced. Many of the things I make are made in the context of work and cannot be shared publicly. 365 seems like a big number in aggregate, but hopefully my average is well more than one "making" a day.

There are 8,760 hours in a year, except for our leap years when we are lucky to get a few more.

I've started to track some of my significant makings based on the concept of these 8,760 hours. I'll share some of my projects, big and small, here.

This post is 6605:2012.

Here is 6038 - The third of three vinyl decal sets I designed and installed as a gift to my local library, Cedar Mill Community Library.

The library has a new RFID based materials management system. If patrons place materials over the RFID sensor pads located under the counter the materials checkout process is interrupted. I designed a decal set in Illustrator based on testing the active scan area of each RFID sensor pad. The yellow vinyl had the best contrast with the counter material. The line design has rounded corners on each element to prevent catching on materials as they are moved across the counter. I cut the vinyl, including alignment features on my vinyl cutter and installed the decals using standard vinyl installation techniques.